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Fatwa MUI. For more 'effective' subsidy programs fuel oil (BBM Bersubsidi), the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM) had planned to hold the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). The plan forms of cooperation between KESDM with MUI is KESDM hope that MUI issued a fatwa MUI concerning energy saving, including the provisions contained therein that are capable or rich people should not consume subsidized fuel.


KESDM desire is initially greeted by one of the characters MUI. He is willing to issue a fatwa MUI, because subsidy fuel oil (BBM Bersubsidi) is for person who can not afford to buy. So if anyone is able or rich, but still buy subsidy fuel oil, he took the right people who can not afford. The substance of BBM Bersubsidi is intended for people who can not afford. As for people who can afford, the government already provides nonsubsidized fuel, such as pertamax. The fatwa MUI was later to be disseminated in mosques, schools, assemblies taklim, and educational institutions nationwide.

Because of protests by many parties, this Fatwa MUI was suspended. Despite so or not against the fatwa, the fatwa MUI for subsidy fuel oil (BBM Bersubsidi) are apparently less effective during its legal impact. Issuing the edict of the clerics usually occurs when the social problems that arise are not addressed or ignored by the public.

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